TripAdvisor Instant Booking (en)

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You have no TripAdvisor Account or you already use TripAdvisor and want to connect your account to your vioma Account in order to get prices and availability to TripAdvisor? This is how you do it!

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Enable TripAdvisor Instant Booking in the Clearing Station. (See Screen 1 below)
  2. Check the "Clearing Station Data Checklist" below. It tells you what data is needed for TripAdvisor to work correctly.
  3. IMPORTANTPlease go to to sign up on TripAdvisor instant booking after you have signed up on Vioma, in order to activate instant booking.

Clearing Station Data Checklist

Here is a list of data that needs to be present in the Clearing Station in order for TripAdvisor to work properly:

  • TripAdvisor is an international portal so they need all data at least in English. English is being shown to the user if his native language is not available and should be complete if you want to be presented properly on TripAdvisor:

    • hotel teaser and description (see screen 2)

    • room type names and room type photos (see screen 3)

    • board names (rate names – see screen 4)
  • Cancellation conditions should be present (screen 5). If there are no cancellation conditions set up we will show "no refunds" on TripAdvisor, which could mean a disadvantage of competition for your hotel.


Screen 1: Enable TripAdvisor in CST

Screen 2: hotel texts

Screen 3: room types with name and picture

Screen 4: Board type name

Screen 5: Cancelation conditions – rate specific conditions may exist but are not used for TripAdvisor


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